Our Goals

Awaken the conscience
Make a contribution
Collecting funds
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Awaken the Conscience


The ambition of Draw Us A Future is to awaken consciences, especially those of the younger generation, to this urgency to protect biodiversity

and our planet because we are convinced that

this is the only way out if we want to reverse

the current trends. 
Tigers, elephants, rhinoceros and the great monkeys, whose gibbons are so dear to the heart of Chanee, will therefore be our standard bearers for all

the endangered species.

Like us, be Nature's optimists

Make a contribution

Our goal is to contribute to associations that are struggling on a daily basis for the survival of some dramatically threatened species.


There are thousands of them around the world, but we have selected two that have a goal in common a real action in the field with consideration and great involvement of the local population.


Awely leads several programs in Africa and Asia for the benefit of different species at great risk.


Kalaweit, who work to save gibbons and their habitat in Indonesia.


Collecting funds

Draw Us A Future will therefore collect funds that will be fully and equitably donated to the two associations we have chosen to support, Kalaweit and Awely,to help them carry out their respective fights.