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Zoo Refuge "La Tanière "

Save - Welcome - Care - Protect

Francine et Patrick Violas

It is a couple of admirable entrepreneurs, Patrick and Francine Violas, who is at the origin of this totally crazy project.


A few years ago they decided to invest everything they have to create a place to collect and care for animals in distress.


La Tanière is not a zoo like any other, it is a real refuge that collects, cares for and protects any animal whether it is from trafficking, seized by the authorities, out of laboratories or retired circus animals.

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Offering a dignified peaceful second life
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When there is no other solution, the Lair offers them

a peaceful second life under the sign of respect and animal welfare.

Since its creation and thanks to the support of its donors, La Tanière has been able to save more than 1200 animals, carry out more than 476 medical interventions, and replace nearly 550 animals.

The team of animal caretakers and veterinarians cares

for the animals relentlessly and their ensures a dignified life by adapting to their character, behaviour and how they feel.

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Helping the Zoo refuge de la Tanière
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Helping La Tanière means acting concretely in favor of the animal cause.

It is to fight against abandonment, abuse and animal trafficking.

We are very proud to be by their side.

Visit this unique place where each animal has an identity! You will meet Cannelle, Leo and Zampa, Oliver and many others

who will tell you their story..

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