Awely  To work for a world where Humans
 and Animals will live in perfect harmony
photo Cyril Ruoso
Renaud Fulconis

It was during his sporting expeditions that

Renaud Fulconis became awareof the beauty

and fragility of our planet.He was the driving force behind the creation of Awely in 2005,

whose actions he is coordinating to preserve wildlife, never forgetting that these fights will not be won without a strong involvement of the living populations in contact with wild animals.

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Five Programs

The teams on the ground are thus conducting a double fight to save threatened species as well as promote local development for the villagers.Projects are thus conducted in agreement with local communities.


Awely has five programs in action, in Africa, Asia and South America with like iconic animals such as tigers, elephants, rhinos, gorillas and bonobos.

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Green, Red or Blue Caps
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Field teams wear green caps when

they have to improve the situation for

a threatened species,red when working atimproving coexistence between wildlife and villagers, and finally blue

for protection or the regeneration

of an ecosystem like that of 

the Polylepis tree in Peru. 
A project on French carnivores is

also currently under study.