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Awely  To work for a world where Humans
 and Animals will live in perfect harmony
photo Cyril Ruoso
Renaud Fulconis

It was during his sporting expeditions that

Renaud Fulconis became aware of the beauty and fragility of our planet. He is at the origin

of the creation of Awely in 2005.

He coordinates the actions carried out to preserve wildlife, without ever forgetting that these fights will not be won without a strong involvement

of the populations living in contact

with wild animals.

Ambitious Programs

Since 2005, Awely has been developing actions in Africa, Asia and recently in Europe.

The organisation works on great ape conservation projects in Africa  For example limiting tiger attacks on the outskirts of a park national in Nepal, crop protection from elephant damage in Africa, or again, anticipation of the return of the wolf

in several regions of France

Facing people at the heart of the actions

Awely places people at the heart of it’s actions to achieve its conservation objectives by integrating the needs of populations dependent on natural resources and strengthening their weight in decision making.

The organization works hand in hand

with local partners to ensure

the implementation and operational monitoring of all its projects in the field.

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