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La Côte Saint Jacques is committed

A green star for the planet

We know that we still have a lot of work to do in terms of ecology, which is why, with all of our teams, we have chosen to firmly commit ourselves to this path.

Little by little, we are moving forward, and this work has been rewarded with

a Green Star awarded by the Michelin guide. More than pride, we take it as

an encouragement to continue our efforts to preserve nature and biodiversity.


Acting for the planet every day

les-merveilles-du vignoble.jpg

Our market garden has grown even more, today we produce some of the vegetables

and fruits that we consume. It also houses

a dozen hives that allow us to produce

our honey.

We are also continuing our search for producers closer to us, insofar as they meet

our very strict quality criteria.

We always promote sustainable fishing. Thus, certain endangered fish species have disappeared from the menu of our restaurant.

Respect our Environment

In the same way, we are gradually moving towards a more vegetable-inspired cuisine.

Of course, we have long since banned products containing palm oil, a real environmental scourge!

Waste management is a very sensitive subject. We have adopted a virtuous circle that allows us to recycle

more than 80% of our food waste to transform it into substrate used in our garden.

We have also found a solution for the treatment of polystyrene with the help of our local supermarket

and we continue to reflect on how to limit the use of plastic in hotels and restaurants.

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Positive energy

lionceaux logo rond 2021 essai 4.png

Finally, the subject of energy is at the heart of our concerns.

We now have an electric vehicle and are working on plans for

our future kitchen with the aim of significantly improving

our carbon footprint.

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You to can adopt 15 simple gestures for the planet
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