La Côte Saint Jacques is committed

Act for the planet on a daily basis

We are not saying we will become the best students in the class in ecology overnight,

but we are convinced that the preservation of nature and biodiversity begins with concrete actions and simple everyday gestures. With all of our teams, we have chosen

to be firmly committed to this path and most of the decisions we make are now

guided by the desire to make a difference.


Produce and recycle


Since the spring of 2018 we have been developing a vegetable garden that allows us to produce some of the vegetables we consume. 

We doubled in size in 2019 and fruit trees have just been planted too.

We are also part of a search for local producers closer to us, but we must ensure that the quality is up to our requirements. We are also working on our waste management processes and we should be able to recycle more than 80% of it this year.

Respect our Planet

In the tradition of the Relais & Châteaux Manifesto we follow the recommendations of SeaWeb Europe,

an environmental organization working for the preservation of the oceans by promoting sustainable fishing

and trying to limit the use of plastic in hotel rooms, kitchens and restaurants. 
In the same way, our next menus will move towards a reduction in the use of meat products in favour

of more vegetable-inspired dishes and our sommeliers now offer a wide range of natural and organic wines. 

We have, of course, banned food products that contain palm oil for a long time.


Positive energy

We are looking for solutions to save energy and we encourage our teams to be more vigilant in this area. In the same spirit, we offer our customers charging stations for electric vehicles.

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You also adopt 15 simple gestures for the planet