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We do not inherit the earth from our parents
We borrow it from our children

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Preserving Biodiversity

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In recent years, my wife Karine and I have had the chance to travel across different continents, especially African countries, and admire the treasures that nature can offer us. It’s impossible not to marvel at these unique sights and this incredible fauna. 

Throughout our travels, we have been able to forge links with men and women on the ground who see the threat of extinction of many species getting closer each day.

We therefore decided to create the association Draw Us a Future 

so that we do not just remain spectators of this drama that is played out around the world, including at our own front door. We are " Nature Optimists " and we believe that it is still possible to act to turn the tide. Some once-threatened species are winning the fight thanks to the combined actions of NGOs and local authorities.

Together let's preserve biodiversity



The aim of the association Dessine nous un Avenir is to make people aware of the urgent need to protect biodiversity and our entire planet. This is a fight that we must win for our children and our grandchildren. Zoos must not become the only places where we can admire the beauty of a cheetah, a gibbon or a rhinoceros, even if some actively support many associations and do outstanding work

in this area.

Let's not forget that close to home, many species such as the lynx boreal or the great hamster of Alsace are extremely endangered. These are also worthy of our attention, as are all the living species of which big cats or primates are only ambassadors.


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Children of Côte Saint Jacques customers
Draw a future for animals and our planet
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