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Draw us a Future

...Help us protect biodiversity and our Planet

We do not inherit the earth from our parents
We borrow it from our children

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Preserving Biodiversity

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Côte Saint Jacques is 


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Our association "Dessine nous un avenir" was born in May 2019.

It is from the fruit of our travels in Africa and our unconditional love for nature, biodiversity and wildlife which amazes us. Throughout these trips, we have forged links with men and women who see on a daily basis the threat to many species, some of which are now on the verge of extinction.

Since the creation of our association we have met other actors who have opened our eyes to other dramas that are playing out near us. Of course, it is important to work around the world to preserve wildlife so that our children and grandchildren have the chance to admire the beauty of a leopard, gorilla, rhino or boreal lynx in their natural environment.

Together let's preserve biodiversity

But we must not forget that in France, the trafficking of wild animals ranks sadly 4th after the trafficking of counterfeit drugs and human beings... They are often held in unacceptable conditions, when they are not abandoned or disposed of by unscrupulous owners.

We are "optimists of nature!"That is why we are more determined than ever to act, so as not to remain spectators of these dramas that

are playing out everywhere, including on our doorstep. This booklet aims to raise awareness among the youngest of the urgency of protecting biodiversity, wildlife and our entire planet. Discover the actions we carry out within the Côte Saint Jacques.     


             Help us and fight alongside Us !

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